Tourism is a major industry globally and a major sector in many economies. Tourism has grown substantially over recent decades as an economic and social phenomenon. India has immense tourism opportunities that are yet to be discovered. And to boost the economy of the country tourism has to be promoted ! 
While promoting tourism, one should also see to it that, it has to be sustainable tourism.There are lots of Cities in India like Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Udaipur where the earning of the most people are from Tourism industry, there is nothing else much to do like to big factories, No MNC's , so if peopel of that ccity wants a better life then we have to promote tourism in India

1.what are 
Direct effect of tourism on local economy 
A.Local recruiting, training and promotion off staff.Encouragement and assistance for guests to enjoy activities in the local economy.Joint ventures, profit shares, or regular channels for donations to local people.Linkages with SMEs producing tourism products or services.

2.what are Dynamic effect of tourism on local economy 
Development of new infrastructure in ways that complement or help fulfill local needs.Supporting small enterprises to take advantage of growing markets and economies of scale provided by tourism.Planning and support for local economies in case of natural disasters.Support for local institutions such as universities and training centers.

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