Mobile phones are health hazards as they may spoil our ears many a times, and may cause some risk to our eyes, such as, increasing the number of eyes, if we use them for a lot of time.
Technology in the world has reached the top of seven the early world there was hardly any electronic gadgets.the development of technology is still being proceeded.we have gadgets like vacuum cleaners,hair dryers and many more.we usually use these for domestic uses.other gadgets such as mobile tracker,super computers are used in offices.i we notice then we will see that all these gadgets run without wires.these are getting signal directly from the towers passing through the environment.these rays of signals are very harmful to plants,animals and as well as human beings.these rays are the source of cancer.they damage our livers which sometimes leads to our we should not keep our mobile phones while as a fact mobile phones are really great health hazards.