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Scalar quantity has only magnitude & no direction.
Vector quantity has negative as well as positive value which Temperature also possess.
Temperature has negative as well as positive value but do not have specific direction.
So, even when they fill the criteria of a vector quantity having positive & negative value they do not fulfill the criteria of having a specific direction.
So, Temperature is a scalar quantity having no direction.
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Scalar quantity has only magnitude & no direction.
Therefore, Temperature does have a magnitude but no specific direction.
The negative & positive sign ( -10°c & +10°C ) denotes that they have a direction. [ This is the explanation]
Temperature is called a scalar quantity having a direction ( Vector Quantity) because temperature doesn't move in one direction ( i.e. up ) but moves in both directions ( i.e. Up and Down). Anything with one direction has a standard and is referred to as no direction but with more than one directional probability it is a  Vector quantity