Teacher give me a prompt in ASL that "You observe that many of the student in your class and school throw/discard their books and notebooks without any consideration after the final examination. Some of these books and notebooks are in rather good condition and can be used by anyone." Discuss with your partner Questions are • what problems do you think this could cause? • what should your reaction be? • how should other students react to something like that? • what should the teacher and shook authority do to solve this problem? • what your effort make the other realize something? • how can you create awareness regarding such thing? • how could your parent help in solving the matter? • what role can student like you play to check such action? • who else do you think can help you solve this problem?



You can realize children the important of the notebooks ,u can tell them that they can give the notebooks to the poor or the needy . Moreover they can use their nb to do rough word . by the help of ur teacher u can give an acticle regarding this topic...

ST1:  you know yesterday mam told me to give the cupboard key after seeing that it  is devoid of any unwanted things. But i was surprised to see so many notebooks and text books were thrown inside with scant respect to the subjects

St2. This is a normal sight in every class. Students still cant understand the harm they are causing to the environment. How many trees are felled to make one notebook or text book.

St1. They throw like this or sell it to the rag buyer. See our teacher keeps telling us not to buy new note books but she keeps encouraging to tear all the left over pages of previous year and bind them into one note book. She keeps telling not to waste paper.

St.2. They can very well lend their books to the library where it can be of use to the less privileged students who cant afford to buy new books

St1. Its only through constant awareness about the harms caused to the environment we can bring a solution to the  problem

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