Workers go to work in the factories, construction sites or other places of work to make out their living.

They work hard and some time even put in extra hours of work, for which they are paid extra wages in the form of overtime etc. But no worker would be willing to work in a place where he feels there is danger to his life.

It is only because accidents generally take place without any prior intimation (they occur suddenly)-that workers accept these jobs otherwise who would be willing to take the risk of one’s own life.

Taking undue advantage of the large scale unemployment in the coun­try, some industry owners exploit the workers and jet work done from the workers in dangerous conditions.

This clearly means that workers are as conscious about their life as anybody else is. Therefore, safety is highly, rather more important to workers than others because the workers are ex­posed to more risk than others.

In fact, safety is the first concern of a worker. Wages are of no signifi­cance, if there is risk to one’s life.

In order to safeguard the interests of the workers our government has enacted many Acts/Laws to prevent accidents in factories.

Even workers are these days aware of their right to safety and they do raise their voice unitedly through unions to press for their demands for safety.

It would be correct to say that safety is the first concern of every worker. There should be exploita­tion of workers on this account.