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The passing of seasons brings a marked change in the weather and the surrounding environment. There are three main seasons of india .They are Summer , Winter and Monsoon which is also called Rainy Season. All the seasons have their own characterists and their influences. In the summer season , the day temperatures are extremely high. The winter season often brings a chill environment.  The  rainy  season  is marked by the pourings of rain . The most joyful moment in this season is watching the spectrum of rainbow.
the seasons are very necessary . All of these seasons lasts for four months each There are also some sub seasons like Autumn  and spring  . Monsoon season is not a major season But it can be defined as the seasonal reversal of wind directions during a year......
The main seasons in India are summer,winter,autumn and spring. The seasons occur due to the revolution of the earth. Seasons too play a important role in our daily life. Summer is the hottest and winter is the coldest. In autumn the flowers fall and in spring flowers bloom.

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