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In general, i.e., in the experiment conducted by Mendel, the garden pea plants come in 7 distinct pairs of contrasting characters. Among them we can observe that in the colour of the seed, yellow is dominant n green is recessive. In dihybrid cross Mendel crossed a pure breeding pea plant of round n yellow coloured seeds with a pure breeding pea plant of wrinkled n green coloured seeds. As the yellow colour n round seeds are dominant, in the F1 generation all plants had yellow coloured n round seeds.
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this doesnt answer my question. I asked WHY is green more common nowadays??? The no. of plants showing a recessive trait is supposed to be less, isn't it??
On continuous crossing, the genes become homozygous. At this homozygous condition, dominant and recessive traits does not matter. As garden pea has undergone continuous crossing since many years we can observe green seeds due to homozygous condition.
Yellow peas are dominant while green peas are recessive.this is because we see peas green today.....