Acetylene or ethyne(systematic name) are weakly acidic nature I give you example about mono alkaline reactions (NOTE: hear I mentioning as" triple bond" its abcarbon–carbon triple bond places all four atoms in the same straight line, with CCH bond angles of 180 degree angle) // CH "triple bond"CH + NaNH2 ----> H – C " triple bond"C Na+ + 1/2 H2// //CH "triple bond" CH + 2[Cu(NH3)2]Cl ———→ Cu – C "triple bond"C – Cu + 2NH4Cl + 2NH3//

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Ethyne (Acytylene)  is much less acidic than water or ethanol. So it reacts with very strong Bases.

C2 H2   reacts with sodium amide in liquid ammonia and forms sodium acetylide.
           Na  NH2   +  C2 H2    ---->     Na C2 H  + NH3

C2 H2 also reacts with ButyLithium to form Lithium Acetylide  (in tetra hydro furan at ver cold temperature)

C2 H2  +  Bu Li   -->   Li C2 H  +  Bu H