Honesty is a noble quality of a good person.  Honesty means being truthful, good, not cheating or deceiving anyone.  Honesty also means to earn money appropriate for one's services and not by threatening others.  An honest person does not take advantage of others and demand benefits.

   An honest person returns money that he/she borrows from others.  He returns favours  that are done on him/her by others.  Also, an honest person explains his opinions frankly.  Often people  are put in embarrassing situations and then try to break their honesty.  A good and brave person retains the noble quality of honesty.  But often people turn to lies to save themselves.

   A dishonest person is not desired in society.  Dishonest person often earn a lot of money through bribes and illegal means.  It is a dangerous quality.  Honest persons earn fame in the world