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=> Use of digital technology in the world has been continuously  increasing .  Use of digital devices like computers , TV , phones and video games has increased substantially over the past few years with every corner globally some internet available . Digital devices now a days are in every house such as computers and phones . Every people now a days uses internet to make their work easier . As technology has helped humanity to get things done faster there is no doubt that recognition of these things has increased benefits to humanity . In each and every corner of the world people uses social networking sites to be connected with their family or friends . We can say that increase in digital technology has made people depended on it . Much use of digital technology has both positive and negative impact on people . Its positive impact is that it makes the work of people easier in need . Its negative impact is that many people and students get depended on it . Use of video games to kids is not beneficial to them . But it is benefit to those who knows the correct usage of it  . According to me use of digital technology must be done with in limits .