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The gas evolved is carbon dioxide and the method of testing this gas is lime water this test carbondioxide is passed through a test in to the lime water.Make lime water. Add a small amount of calcium hydroxide to a test tube and add water. Add bung and shake. Allow to settle. Decant the clear solution into a beaker: lime water.

Turn the lime water cloudy. Add about 2 cm lime water to a test tube. Blow through a drinking straw to bubble CO2 through the lime water solution until it goes cloudy (20-30 seconds).

Turn the lime water clear again. Continue to bubble CO2 through the solution until the precipitate just disappears.

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T gas is carbon dioxide . u can test it either by bringing a burning splinter near t mouth of testube wch gets extinguished coz co2 is not a supporter of burning or either by passing it to limewater so tat it turns milky due to formation of insoluble calcium carbonate