1.Hindus are the people who follow the practices and beliefs of Hinduism while Muslims are those that follow Islam.
2.Hindus believe in many gods while Muslims believe in only one God, Allah.
3.Hindus don’t eat cows while Muslims don’t eat pigs.
4.Hindus believe in rebirth or reincarnation while Muslims believe in the separation of the soul and body after death.
5.Muslims observe many religious practices like the namaz, roza, and shahadah.
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please bro the architecture not religion

Hindu Architecture is basically temple architecture. They were meant as the home of a particular god where his devotees could visit to obtain the darshan [sight] of the god and goddess. It was where heaven and earth meets and thus a sacred place of pilgrimage.


Islamic architecture is either tombs or mosques.

The mosque is characterized by arches, beams, pillars, lintels, cut and polished stones and the extensive use of lime as mortar and pure white marble,

The basic outline of the structure is either Cubic, square or octagonal enclosing an oblong worship hall surrounded by colonnade, four courtyards and stone ramparts.

The top of the structure is often crowned with a dome architecture that consisted of either a double shell dome system or a row of five domes.

The inner walls are covered with inlays of gold, silver and precious metals. They are further richly decorated with geometrical, arabesque and foliage designs, Arabic calligraphy which is either cut on plaster, carved on stone in low relief or inlaid.

The main feature of the Tomb is the domed chambers or hujra. In the centre is a Cenotaph and on the western wall is a Mihrab. An underground chamber contains the actual grave. The Tomb structure is surrounded by a garden, often sub-divided into square compartments called Char-bagh.