1)acquired trait cannot be passed to progeny while inherited traits can be.
2)acquired trait do not bring changes in the DNA of germ cell instead bring in somatic cells while genes of inherited traits are present in DNA of germ cell.
3)acquired traits are acquired during the life of individual while inherited traits are inherited from parents
4)acquired eg; knowledge inherit eg; eye color ,hair color 
Acquired Traits :

1. These are somatic variations.

2. Acquired traits developed due to the effects of environmental factors, use and disguise of organs and special (conscious) efforts.

3. These traits develop throughout the lifetime of an individual, and the with death of that individual.

4. Example : Learning of dance, music, etc. and muscular body of a wrestler.

Inherited Traits :

1. These are genetic variations.

2. Inherited traits develop due to reshuffling of genetic material and mutation.

3. These traits are transferred (inherited) by the parents to their offspring. These don't die but are passed on to the next generation.

4. Example : Attached or free earlobe and curly hair.