We are well aware that India is one of the most ancient civilisation. Many religious communities are living in it ; Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Jains etc. Though there are different religions but they have same habits of dumping waste garbages. Many of them throw the kitchen waste from the sink itself then their pipes get clogged, this is one reason why we need swachh bharat abhiyan. Recently new government has come and it's main priorities are to make India clean. Many people throw garbage in open areas then the birds and animals come and eat them and they die this is another reason for why we need swachh bharat abhiyan. Many people throw garbages in heritage areas and they destroy our proud heritages. There are many more reasons because of which swachh bharat abhiyan is needed. Because "swachh Bharat will become swasth Bharat."
To keep our india neat and clean and free from dieseas prime minister narendra modi launched swach bharat abhiyan

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swach bharat is very impotant because it uplifts our pride and controls our countries beauty andmakes us free from the diseases that comes due to unclanleness