Water is very useful, important, necessary for our survival on earth .
Role of youth -we should turn off the tap when not in use.
we should turn off the tap while bathing, brushing.
while cleaning our house we should use minimum water to save water for our future generations.
we should save water as it is very necessary for proper functioning of our body.
1.It helps in the excretion of our body waste.
2.It maintain the body temperature.
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Water is very necessary for our survival. It is the important for everyone.
Now-a-days it is being waste by all. For saving it there is an important role of youth. Some of the following are mentioned below -
1- Turn off the tap when not in use
2- Use of water only when needed
3- Reducing the use of pipes for washing things
4- Use of minimum water
5- Aware everyone to save water
6- Stop water pollution
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