Perimeter is the measure of borders perimeter of rectangle is 2(L+B)=2 into length + breadth
perimeter of square is 4 multiplied by its side
area is the measure of a shape inside the border area of a square is side multiplied by side and area of rectangle is length multiplied by breadth
his chapter is an introduction to geometry. Here, we will explore some basic geometric shapes and learn how to find their perimeter and area.
The first section will explain the meaning of the term "perimeter." It will show how to calculate the perimeter of a polygon, and it will introduce formulas that will help calculate the perimeter of rectangles and squares.                                                                                                         The second section will explain the meaning of the term "area." It will introduce formulas that will help in the calculation of the area of rectangles and squares.

                                                           The third section will focus on circles. It will introduce a special term for the "perimeter" of a circle-- circumference--as well as other terms that mathematicians use when they talk about circles, such as diameter and radius. This section will present formulas for the calculation of the circumference and area of circles, and it will explain the mathematical term pi (represented by Π ).

                                                                                          The material covered in this chapter will be important in the study of geometry. It will allow the reader to begin working with shapes and the calculations associated with them. The formulas that are taught in this chapter will reappear in later math classes, especially geometry, where they will be studied in greater depth. In order to study this material in greater depth, however, one must first master the basics that are covered in this chapter.