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Today i am here to talk about E-learning. E-learning is a new technology discovered on the basis of the children's education. There are many benefits that can be achieved through it. E-learning is helpful for a child to understand more about a subject/topic and to clarify and make ones thought more creative. According to the discoveries E-learning has become one of the famous No.1 learning technologies which lets to homeschooling, and so on. It becomes an unforgettable study experience for a child. As i told i would like to introduce E-learning to all of you present here. Well, E-learning has been wide spread and popular in the foreign countries like America, United kingdom etc. E-learning is a better way to be smart, knowledgable, it also gives more clarity to the topics. E-learning has less cost of buying. It can also be introduced by the government to children who are unable to get educated. With all the information i have reported here we can know that E-learning could make ones mind creative,thoughtful etc. Majority of the countries has turned their system of schooling to E-learning because of its majority in benefits. But it has demirts too like every matter on earth does have. But they are less. The children cannot mingle with their fellows like in school etc. are some of the demerits.
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Technology has taken its pace. All fields have been greatly influenced by the introduction of electronic devices. 
Education has also been greatly affected by more mechanized and systematic electronic devices. The education have been more accurate and have succeeded in creating interest among children. The visual & audio effect creates more impact than the traditional way of teaching.
E-Learning is a very flexible mode of learning which is recently introduced to schools also. The children's knowledge spectrum is made broad hence they become more reasonable & have a greater possibility of getting the right & correct information in within seconds.
CBSE has enforced such mode of education in the junior classes which have improved the education & gathering mode importance nowadays.
its too short i have to speak for 2 minutes ... plz help