What is friendship ? feeling of love , small small sharing, momen of caring shoulder to cry ,stupid fights , to be together in pain creates a miracle called friendship....friendship is not a big thing it is little small things...if there would be no frienship in world then this world would totally be boring..there would be no fun ...if there would be no friendship then there would be no friend and if there would be no friends then we will never have someone who can understand us....friendship is the golden thread of our life...which ties our whole life...without friendship our life is totally incomplete....
Friendship is a very strong bond between two people orĀ  more. In this world every person needs a friend since, they give you fellowship and love. People without friends are mostly unhappy and this effects the health of that person drastically such that they feel unhappy and unwanted by others, the Greeks defined love of a friend as philia or filious agapi, in fact it means a love as close as a blood related sibling or such a love which is unbiased which can only be experienced through true friendship.
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