Two elements ‘P’ and ‘Q’ belong to the same period of the modern periodic table and are in Group 1 and Group 2, respectively. Compare their following characteristics in tabular form: [3] (a) The number of electrons in their atoms (b) The sizes of their atoms (c) Their metallic character (d) Their tendencies to lose electrons (e) The formula of their oxides (f) The formula of their chlorides



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A) No. of electrons is P is 1
                                     Q is 2

b)P is bigger than Q

c) P is more metallic than Q

d) formula of oxide of p is P2O (subscript 2)
                       chloride of p is PCl
     formula of oxide of Q is QO
                       chloride of q is QCl2(subscript 2)

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number of electrons in P is 1 and inQ is 2.

element P has bigger size than element Q