Two plants are joined together in such a way that two stems join and grow as a single plant. One which is attached to the soil is called stock and the cut stem of another Plant without roots is called scion. Both stock and scion are tied with the help of a twine thread and covered by a polythene cover. Grafting is used to obtain a plant with desirable characters. This technique is very useful in propagating improved varieties of various flower and fruits. Examples : Mango, citrus , Apple, Rose.


Grafting is a process by which the stems are tied together.
ex rose
 is a technique used by farmers and scientists to attach the tissue of one plant to the tissue of another. It allows for asexual reproduction of plants. for example: rose plant,etc.
in simple words :
a twig or bud is cut from one plant and joined to a rooted plant of a related species or variety.
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