Name the carbon compounds used to form the endoskeleton and exoskeleton of animals Identify the organisms on the basis of following feature: An autotrophic moneran 3. Write the form of energy possessed by the body on the following situations: a) a coconut falling from a tree b)an object raised to a certain height c)blowing wind d)a child driving bicycle on the road 4. A cup full of water and another identical cup of a liquid of relative density 2 are mixed homogeneously in a jar. Find the relative density of the mixture. 5. Why do the sound waves get fainter when they travel long distances?



The compound is calcium carbonate

now you can solve ur 4 question like this => The masses of two liquids are equal, let it be m.

Let the relative densities of water and liquid be ρ1and ρ2 respectively.

The volume of the two be V1 and V2, of water and liquid respectively.

The volume of the mixture would be, V = V1 + V2  (1)

also, volume = mass/density 


2m/ρ (V) = m/ρ1 (V1) + m/ρ2 (V2)

here ρ1 = 1, ρ2 = 2 and ρ is the relative density of the mixture.


2/ρ = 1/ρ1 + 1/ρ2

by substituting the values, we 

ρ/2 = 2/3

or, the relative density of the combined liquid will be, ρ= 4/3

the correct option would be (b)