Person 1 - Hello! I am Asha from chennai.
Person 2 - Hello! I am Smrithi from Hyderabad.
Person 1 - What do you do?
Person 2 - I am in class 9 and u?
Person 1 - I am in class 9.
Person 2 - What's ur favorite food?
Person 1 - Poori with channa butter masala.
Person 2 - Don't mistake me. My advice is that u should reduce wating poori becaz it is fried in oil which leads to belly and obesity.
Health is very important so be careful.
Person 1 - Ok here after I will reduce eating poori and will aware about this to my friends.
The conversation between 2 passengers travelling together :
person 1 : oh ! this train journeys have been becoming worst and hectic  day by day.
person 2 : yep this is true now a days the population in the cities              have  been increasing and the people almost are depending on the public   transportation facilities more and more.
person 1 : yes the population is the main reason for this.
person 2 : our government should take care of this and even they should start new railway lines so that the public can fell free to use the public transport as they use the own transport facilities.
person 1 : yeah well our central government have even started a new railway budget. so we can even get the benefit for the transportation in our whole country.
person 2 : yes even I've come to know about it and even I'm very much thankful for our government for this help and development in the transportation.