The ozone layer plays a very crucial role in the environment, particularly to the planet earth. The poisoning of the ozone layer is increasingly becoming a worldwide concern. Damage to the ozone layer causes numerous problems for the planet earth and its people. From several diseases leading up to death the harmful effects is increasingly becoming a global concern. This research essay is going to discuss what is the ozone layer; what roles its plays in the everyday lives of people; how the protection of the ozone layer relates to us and why is it so important. This research essay is further going to discuss what problems the international environmental law seeks to address; when this problem was first identified; which countries led to the development of the protection laws of the ozone layer; how the laws have changed overtime to address the situation and whether the international law has been successful in solving the problems that the treaties were designed to address. In particular this essay will focus on the efforts of Australia as nation towards the protection of the ozone layer.                                                 
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