Inflammation are signs that appear or that We feel when our bodies immune system or any external medicine is fighting a disease, infection or some pain.
Inflammation includes pain, fever, itching, swelling etc.
Local effects: when you hit your elbow or some other place to a hard surface like a wall it hurts. so you apply a sprain reliever or a pain balm. then after a while you observe that the hurt area turns red, swelled up and feel a burning sensation. this is local inflammation because the inflammation is visible tonly in the affected area.

General effects: when your are affected with common cold or influenza you take antibiotics and asking with it even our immune system if fighting against the microbe. So the body temperature increases and we get slight fever. Here even though the microbe has only affected your breathing, throat and your respiratory track the whole body has a higher temperature than normal. So this is a general effect.

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