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1.loksabha is there house of people where people who are eligible to vote can elect their representative by the way of direct elections.Rajyasabha is the council of states where the representatives are indirectly elected.
2.the operation of loksabha continues for 5 years.Rajyasabha is a Permalink body.
3.maximum number of members in loksabha is 552.rajya sabha 250 members.
4.minimum age of being a member in loksabha is 25 years. on Rajyasabha 30 years. loksabha the representative is the speaker in Rajyasabha the representative is the vice president of India.
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Basis for ComparisonLok SabhaRajya SabhaMeaningLok Sabha is the House of People, where people whoare eligible to vote can elect their representative by way of direct elections.Rajya Sabha is the Council ofStates, where the representatives are indirectly elected bythe elected representative of the Assembles of States and UnionTerritories.PermanencyThe operation of Lok Sabha continues for 5 years, unless dissolved earlier.It is a permanent body.Maximum number of members552 Members250 MembersMinimum age for being a member25 years30 yearsIntroduction of Money BillOnly in Lok SabhaAfter the bill is approved in the Lok Sabha it issent to the Rajya Sabha for consideration.RepresentativeSpeakerVice President of India
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