I'm writing the answer point-wise so that it's easier to remember.

- The neighbor should be directly confronted,

- If not obeying the society's security guard otherwise a complaint   should be filed to the police should be informed,

- Explain the causes of noise pollution,

- If other neighbors nearby are also troubled by the noise, gather them    and confront,

- Lastly you can call the landowner and discuss the issue and find a solution.
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1. we can request him not to do so by telling him the disadvantages of noise pollution
2. we can complain to the society committee
3. we can ask him not to do so by telling him our problems
4. even if he does not stop it, we can treat him the same he treats us ,.i.e, 
by playing loud music when he wants relaxation. this is the best method to make him realise his mistake 
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