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Unemployment is the major reason fr it. Hope I helped u.. Plz mark as the BRAINLIEST answer..
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Unemployment, laziness, Iliteracy, rapid growth of population n economic causes
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Following are the major reasons for poverty in India
(1) one of the historical reasons is the low level of economic development under the British colonial administration.
(2) The low rate of growth is one of the major reasons.This resulted in less job opportunities and low growth rates of incomes.
(3) Lack of land resources has been one of the major causes of poverty in India.Land reforms which aimed at redistribution of assets in rural areas have not been implemented properly and effectively by most of the state governments.
(4)Effects of irrigation and green revolution were limited to some parts of India.
(5) Backwardness in agriculture is also an important reason.People mostly use old traditional methods of farming.This requires much labour and time.
(6) Industries were not able to provide enough jobs.There were huge income inequalities.
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