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1. Safety first is safety always. 2. Safety day is for u. To protect yourselves is your own concern.hope I helped u.. Plz mark as the BRAINLIEST answer..
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Some slogans for the safety day are :
1. " safety first and all other later "
2. " the best friend for you when you are riding a bike is the safety "
3. " helmets must for your own safety "
4. " follow the traffic rules and ensure the safety for yourself and even others "
5. " follow safety rules and even make others also follow safety rules "
6. " road safety is not only for the person who is riding the bike or driving the car, road safety is for every one including you and me "
7. " the road safety is must for every one "
8. " following safety rules will ensure the safety for your own life "
9. " the road safety would ensure that you are safe and others are also safe "
10. " the traffic rules, helmet and seats belts and even all others road safety measure will help you to save your life while riding bikes or driving cars " 
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