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Behind every successful country , the background is hard-working and ambitious people , who strive for their country's development. the people of a country are definitely the greatest resource as , they are the ones leading the country towards its future-be it for better or worse.
3 examples to prove this statement
  1) after world war II, the bombings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki left scars of brutal violence on the people of these places , but it was these same people who strived day-in and day-out to make their country what it is today , to bring it out of that disastrous crisis.
 2)India was definitely disintegrated after the British left us in ruins , but it was with 
our human effort and faith , that we have improved from those ruins of caste system , superstitions and other rigidities.
 3) the United States of America , is said to be the most powerful country. i don't think that this happened overnight. after the civil war , they picked up their tools and got to work so intensely , that in couple of centuries they become so powerful , that they could create nuclear bombs and weapons. 
  From these examples , we can get to know , the people of a nation are its best resources , if utilized properly , or the worst ingredients to spoil the dish of growth and development.
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1. Income of the people increases the HDI of a country.
   The per capita income included in the factors to calculate human devolopment is based on the national income in which people are influenced. Without people in a country there will be no devolopment.
2. People in a country influence in the devolopment of social goals.
   Only people can achieve the social goals in which Stability etc. is influenced.
3. Without people there will be no physical devolopment in a country.
   Because people are the only source through which physical matters of a country is organised.
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