1) 'Land routes have contributed in the exchange of ideas and commodities since times'. Explain (3 marks)

2) Write any three distinct features of Peninsular Plateau. (3 marks)

3) Name the three parallel Himalayan ranges and state one feature of each range. (3 marks)

4) Mention any 3 features of the Constitution that was drafted in 1791 by the national Assembly in France. (3 marks)

5) What are the steps taken by President Allende to help the poor and the workers? (3 marks)

6) Why are Saudi Arabia, Fiji and Estonia not considered as democratic countries? (3 marks)




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a) Land routes refers to the roads, passages, highways, railway etc which have connected various places together which were earlier not even known to us. Mountains which were initially seen only as to protect us from the neighbouring countries attack, protect us from the northernly wind, are now having a great use in creating relationships & better them with the countries ones we had feared. The trade has also been advanced due to these land routes. They have also been an important in minimizing the enimity between nations. Land routes within our country had made the most hidden handmade skill available to the markets & making the people aware of such new skills.

The peninsular India lies to the south of the Northern plains which is the oldest landmass of the Indian continent. Inidan peninsular plateau comprising of central & southern India. It is made up of hard igneous & metamorphic rocks, & are rich in minerals. The plateau has two distinct parts – The Malwa plateau in the north & The Deccan plateau in the south. The Malwa plateau is bounded by the Aravalli range. The Narmada river (in the south) lies the Deccan plateau. It is bounded by Satpura range, Mahadeo hills, Maikala Hills & Kaimur hills. It extends upto the tip of the peninsula. The hills bordering the western edge of this triangular plateau are collectively known as Western Ghats. Anaimudi, Kerala is the highest peak in India. The hills which form the eatern edge forms the Eastern ghats.

c) The Himadri, The Himachal & The Siwaliks.

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