Homologous organs:-The homologous organs are similar in form (or are embryologically same), but perform different functions in different organisms. These provide strong evidence in the favour of evolution. For example:-The bone structure observed in wings of birds, wings of bats, flippers of dolphins, and arms of human beings resemble with each other,Though they look strikingly different on the outside and though they vary in function but they are very similar in skeletal structure. Thus in these animals, the same structure developed along different directions due to adaptations to different needs. This represents a case of divergent evolution.
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first of all what is homologous organs?

Homologous organs are the organs that are of similar morphologically, anatomically, genetics, embryology but dissimilar in function.

though the function of the organ doesn't is the same but they are structurally or by skeletally the same. hence we can conclude that the same organs developed into other organs of similar structure this can be as a result of adapting themselves to the surrounding or in other words the organs are developed into many direction due to adapt themselves. this is a type a divergent evolution.

which means one organism diverges into many organism. Example:- wolf is the ancestor of dog family. the breed of the wolf was bred with the same kind of organism. that gave a result in dog breeds like corgi, German Shepard, etc.

therefore homologous organs provide an evidence in support for evolution.

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