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1.We can't stop using plastics,but can reduce their use by prefering to jute bags & can reuse the plastic by using it a no. of times.
2.We can use the organic waste by making vermi-compost of it.
3.we should carry plastic bags with us whenever we go for shopping.
4.We should reduce the no. of objects made by plastics by reusing olderĀ ones.Ex.-pens,etc.
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Things like plastics can be recycled and reused so that it don't cause any pollution.Things like vegetable peels can be used as manure to plants.We can reuse the glass bottles and plastics again and again because they are reusable things.We can even use the papers ,and recycle them.Re use is better than recycle,because recycle takes energy.We can use metals like aluminium because they cause threat to the environment when we dispose them.We should separate the bio -degradable and non biodegradable things.This way we can either reuse them or recycle them.