The Indian landscape, its animal and plant life, the agriculture calendar and the life of the people including their festivities and economic conditions revolve around the monsoon. Year after year, the people of India from North to South and from East to West eagerly await the arrival of the monsoon. These monsoon winds bind the whole country by providing water to set the agricultural activities. Thus, in view of the above the monsoon is considered as a unifying bond for this subcontinent.

Nevertheless, the unifying influence of the monsoon on the Indian subcontinent is quite perceptible or noticeable. The seasonal alteration that is the change of the wind system and the associated weather conditions provide a rhythmic cycle of seasons Even the uncertainties of rain and uneven distribution are very much typical or usual features of the monsoons.
These monsoons winds bind the whole country by providing water to set agricultural activities in motion. The river valleys which carry this water also unite as a single river valley unit.

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Monsoon act as an unifying bond
there is a great diversity if the climate conditions due to the location and relief feature.but these diversities subdued by monsoon,which blow over the whole country
scarcity of water is felt all over the country
the arrival of monsoon is the most changes the landscape of the country.
this is the main reason
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