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MNCs are companies which work and function in more than one country, i.e. They connect different countries of the world. MNCs invest in developing countries, thus connecting the economies. MNCs play an important role in globalisation as the production work of MNCs is divided into various parts, each of which takes place in different countries present in different parts of the world.
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*MNC's play an important role in the globalization
*MNCs control production in more than 1 countries
*they compete with the local producers directly even after being a miles apart,thus integrating the markets
*their working lead to extange of investment amd product which lead to interconnection between diverse countries.
          countries get linked when movement of goods,people,investment between different countries take place .they can be linked as producers or consumers of same product or one can be a producer and the other consumers . the racent advancement in technology ,transport and communication system has enchange globalisation.
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