The poem shows the pain suffered by the soldiers in a war. It also portrays the human spirits in times of war and crisis. And if people see the poem carefully, they'll realise how its an anti-war poem,  because all the contries we just beating each other, which lead to lost of lives of thousands. this poem states that things can be solved in a polite way too. (:
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In this poem the narrator meets a dying soldier who inspite of grave injuries has a smile to hide his deep wound. The soldier had fought the battle restlessly and shared his experiences with the narrator. The agony of  the soldier has traumatized the narrator who later dies of with a small pain in his chest. This poem is a anti-war poem which teaches us the side effects of war & the results it has shown in the lives of people. Hence, advising us to understand the real agony of people involved in war which had never given happiness to people or the nations fighting it.
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