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a) Flash drive- a small electronic device containing flash memory that is used for storing data or transferring it to or from a computer, digital camera, etc
b) Hard Drive- the hard disk important storage device in a PC. a hark is the only devices which can store upto 1 terabyte or more a hard disk stores information on one or more platters which are continually spinning disk.
c) Blue Ray Disk- it is an optical disc storage medium the blu-ray disk was developed by blu-ray association (BDA). it can store a high resoluion videos or high quality of sounds. it can store upto 50 has a transfer rate of 10 Mbps 
d) memory stick- a memory stick is a removable flash memory card that is used in electronic products like digital camera. the first memory stick was introduced by sony in october 1998. the original memory stick designed had a 128 MB limitation.

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