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Dams help in storing water in case of any rainfall and prevent the area from water scarcity by giving water at the time of scarcity
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To provide a supply of water for towns, cities and mining sites; eg Warragamba Dam, Australia is the main water supply dam for the city of Sydney.

To contain and store waste (tailings) from mines; eg Omai Tailings Dam,

To provide a supply of water for the irrigation of crops

Uses of dams : 1. To provide a supply of water for towns, cities and for the irrigation of crops. 2. To generate electricity in hydro-power stations. 3. To help control or mitigate floods.
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Dams are structures built to stop water from coming out of the reservoir. A reservoir is a waterbody where water is stored. The reservoirs are also used to generate hydel power which means electricity made from water currents. When the reservoir is overflowing, the dam releases gates built on it to make the extra water go. These reservoirs are used for irrigational purposes also.