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Yes, you are absolutely right. That criminals are not born they are made. The reason is because doing awkward things and spreading terror is much more easier than being a good and honest human. It takes people a long time to become truthfull and honest but it does not take much time to become an awkward terrorist or any type of criminals. many criminals do crimes just for living their life lavishly by doing crimes they some time get money from someone superior head of crime. They don't even think about the people whom they are hurting. Sometimes they do crimes when they are demolised in the society. HOW THESE CAN BE CONTROLLED : 1.many people don't report such criminals just because of the fear of being killed, which is totally wrong these criminals should be reported at correct time. 2. Government should take severe actions upon these criminals. 3. Government should increase the security of the people who raise their voice against criminals so that from next time everyone will be able to report these criminals without any fear.
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