First day in school i making a new friend
firstly write the introduction that name of ur school which friends u made ! did u liked the school or not its timings teachers name and etc best of luck
Rahul is three years old.He don't go to school.One day in his house his parents were talking that Rahul is now three years old he had to go school now.Rahul was very happy to know this.His all friends are starting to go to school.He was alone who not go to school.He was bored because no one play with him,as all his friends were go to school.He said his parents that he also wanted to go to school.They were very happy to know this.Next day his mother and father go to school and give admission to him.He also start to go to school now.His all friends were there.He sat with them.He enjoy his first day at school very much.He love to go to school now.