A hygrometer measures the moisture content of a gas. One kind is called a sling psychrometer, and consists of two thermometers mounted on a board that pivots from a handle. The user swings the board around, getting a lot of air to pass over the two themometers, one of which has a bulb that is kept wet with a water-soaked wick. This bulb will be cooler than the other one because of evaporation of the water. A chart is then consulted to translate the two temperatures into relative humidity.
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Hygrometer uses two basic mercury thermometers, one with a wet bulb one with a dry bulb. Evaporation from the water on the wet bulb causes its temperature reading to drop, causing it to show a lower temperature than the dry bulb. Relative humidity is calculated by comparing the readings using a calculation table that compares the ambient temperature (the temperature given by the dry bulb) to the difference in temperatures between the two thermometers. Please mark as brainliest