Firstly we have to write date,day and time.After that dear dairy or something else .
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First I will start you off with an example of what a diary entry would look like:
Types of Diaries 
Informal tone:
The use of informal tone in a diary is very common as the person is usually writing to themselves and can express themselves informally.
First person:
First person ( I,Me,we and Us) is used in a diary entry to describe the events of the day from your point of view.
Emotive language:
Emotive language is designed to tell you the facts while influencing you to adopt the author's opinion. It is also used to influence the reader in a positive or a negative way.It is used to express the writer's feelings.
Chronological order:
It is also very important to write the happenings of the event in order from the beginning of the day/event to the end of it 
Opinion /Point of view:
This is one of the features that all the diary entries have and it is the writers point of view of the situation of what could have gone better or what could have gone wrong
What are the features of a diary entry?
First you have to start by writing the Date or Year at the top of the page to inform you or the reader when the event happened. Then you have to write the timing of the event happening (your chose).
Basic Step
When you start writing you should start by writing 'Dear Diary' or something similar, and then start your entry by writing how you feel and why you feel that way. Then you can write about the disaster or celebration that you had. You could also write freely about a day that you had. Facts and information about something can also be included in your diary entry. The subjects are endless.
Start Writing 
And how we know it from the diary of a wimpy kid books.
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