We all have a lot to learn from nature.
It provides us with plentiful resources. Even if we pollute the atmosphere, trees take in the carbon dioxide and use it. It teaches us to be a true friend. Every flower dies and goes back into the ground it came from; and it doesn't matter if it was a rose or a boring old flower on a veil. Nature shows us that we all are equal, and die ultimately. A flower dances in the rain, plays with the wind, and lets its pollen fly into the air with joy. But in the evening, it dies. This tells us that we should live our lives to the fullest. Every time in the fall, leaves turn brown, and as spring comes, they turn into a lush green color. So, no matter how bad circumstances are, spring will always come!
The small insects that live near the sea, have to face many big creatures like us,  and walk among them to reach the sea and find food for themselves. They persist on that, or die. This teaches us to take risks, and treasure the food- or reward- we get. On a stormy day, the wind and rain break down the big, and strong trees, but spare the weeds, because they bend with the rains and winds. These simple weeds teach us to be humble, not proud.
I have learnt so much from observing nature, and spending just a few minutes on the beach, or in a garden...or even on my windowsill! If we all choose to look closely, then even we can see the magic and beauty of what nature teaches us. All we have to do is listen.
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