A girl and a boy can be best friends too. This is more found in American-England areas. They will be trustful for each other. They cannot break up if their friendship is better than any of the other ones. People think that the idea of being best friends with a girl/boy is not preferable. But this attitude has been changing a lot. Now a days we can see a boy and girl being friends and sharing their,ideas,thoughts etc. Their friendship would lead to a better world with a lot of changes.
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Yes, definitely a girl & a boy can be best friend.
To become a best friend one does need a sense of great understanding. Gender does not become a barrier between the friendship between the two sexes.
Though in India people's mindset are orthodox type which sees the friendship of a boy and a girl in a different sense but in reality,this is the thing which should be changed.
A friendship of a boy and a girl can be as normal and as pure as the friendship between Lord Krishna and his best friend Draupadi. The understanding,the protectiveness,the caring & the loving nature of both of them can make them the greatest of friends irrespective of their gender.

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