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Yeah public awareness is essential for the conservation of wildlife.Because it is the public who nee to save and conserve the environment and wildlife.They will be able to do this only when they are aware about it. 
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Of course awareness should be created among the public regarding the conservation of wildlife.
There are a lot of wonders in the world and among them are wildlife species.
As the children of our mother earth, itz our duty to save them..itz our duty to conserve them. by day.., their numbers are getting decreased and if nothing is done about it, these species might become endangered and extinct.
nowadays many preservation progrms are being conducted to protect these animals.
by such preservation progrms..awareness can be created among the public..n these preservation programs can motivate the public on the conservation of wildlife.
wildlife conservation aims to raise awareness regarding the importance of wildlife and wilderness.
It is essential to take actions to protect wildlife from extinction. By doing so, we do not only ensure their survival, but also the diversity of the ecosystem. As a result, it will help improve the ecological health of the earth. 
When we conserve and protect the natural habitat of wildlife species, we enrich our planet.
Thus, as the citizen of this the children of our mother earth..itz our responsibility to conserve the beauty of our save our mother conserve our wildlife.
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