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Making of a solar water heater :

Materials used :

1) 2 to 3 litre of one empty soda bottle.
2) Black paint
3) Aluminium foil
4) A cardboard
5) Glue

Method : 

Take the soda bottle clean it properly and let to be dry. Now paint the bottle completely with black paint, so that it will absorb the heat radiation. Fill the empty bottle with water. Take the aluminium foil and paste it on the cardboard with the help of glue. Now place the cardboard in a sunny spot and the bottle in front of the cardboard to reflect the sun onto the bottle. After a few hours, you will see that the water become too hot without using electricity.

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Save empty soda 2-3 litre plastic bottles
Paint the bottles black or cover with some dark fabric will help to collect heat.Secure the fabric with some elastic bands.
Fill the empty bottles with water.
Put the finished bottles in a sunny spot. The dash of a closed car works great. Behind glass on a window sill works too. For extra power use something shinny like foil or a mirror to reflect the sun onto the bottle.After a few hours of sun you have enough warm water to do whatever, with no electricity being used.
Place the unit near a radiator in the wintertime and you can get warm water.