Backward classes are present in our country..they are named as SC,ST's..(Scheduled caste and Scheduled Tribe)..
Before independence they were not given any such rights for the upwardness of backwardness of indian people..
After realizing the need for their freedom from the landlords and also from Indian society ,they thought of asserting their freedom and hence they were
1)the rise of an educated and articulate group among them,
2)the expansion of mass media
3)and most importantly the impact of ideas and life of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar on them.
he fought for the rights for the sake of dalits and also backward casts..
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Assertion is nothing but a belief or act which was made by the Britisher's to differentiate the people of India on basis of their caste creed and sex
some  people were know as backward classes,because of such assertion it was difficult for them to seek social help .and some people were also called as dalits
the assertion of dalits were done in the follwing two ways
the phase of Republican Party of India;the phase of Dalit Panther and the phase of Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP).