George is an important member of the rowing party.he learnt rowing quite late and has had some bad experiences.he loves to get up late to enjoy his sleep.whenever he gets up early he feels very irritable.once he had a very bad experience of getting up early at mrs.gippings.'he went out at 3 a.m thinking that it was about to be 9 a.m.he became a suspect in the eyes of the policeman.
he is not as jolly as the narrator.when the narrator wets his shirt accidentally,he gets angry and does not view it is a funny incident.
he is fond of playing banjo.the narrator and Harris do not have good opinion about his ability to play banjo well.however they become sentimental when George plays 'two lovely black eyes'.
in a country inn he deliberately goads a man to make a story about the trout in the reveals his mischievous nature.he is also practical.he knows that rowing in a continuous rain may prove to be he suggests abandoning the boat and reaching their destination by train.