This is a cbse board question of Science 2015Two elements P and Q belong to the same period of the modern periodic table and are in group 1 and group 2 respectively. Compare their following characteristics in tabular form :A) the number of electrons in their atoms B)the size of their atoms C)their metallic characters D)tendencies to lose electronsE)the formula of their oxidesF)the formula of their chlorides



A) P - will have 1 valence electron. Q - will have 2 valence electrons. B) P - will have greater atomic size as nuclear charge will be less. Q - will have smaller atomic size as nuclear pull will increase with increase in no. of electrons. C) P- is more metallic. Q- is less metallic. D) P - likely to lose electron. Q - less likely to lose electron. E) P - P2O Q - QO F) P - PCl Q - QCL2