On the Basis of Source of Raw Material On the basis of source of raw materials, industries are classified as under: 1. Agro-based Industries. Agro-based industries are those industries which draw raw material from agriculture. Cotton textile, jute textile and sugar are examples of such agro-based industries. 2.Mineral-based Industries. These industries are those which get raw materials from minerals like iron and steel and cement industries. 3. Pastoral-based Industries. These industries depend upon animals for their raw material. Hides, skins, shoes, dairy, etc. are some of the pastoral-based industries. 4. Forest-based Industries. Paper, plywood, lac, rayon, resin, furniture, sports are forest-based industries. Hope it helps ! :) Plz send thnx n rate it !
1. Agro Based Industries:

Agro based industries are those industries which obtain raw-material from agriculture. Cotton textile, jute textile, sugar and vegetable oil are representative industries of agro-based group of industries.

2. Mineral Based Industries:

The industries that receive raw materials primarily from minerals such as iron and steel, aluminium and cement industries fall in this category.