Door no.34
Thomas Road

23 February 2016

Subject : Leave for two days
Dear Ma'm,
I have been suffering from fever for the last few days. The Doctor has advised me to tke rest at home for 2 to 3 days. Kindly, excuse me to take leave for two days so that I can recover.
Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,
Mable Pines
(your address)
(for example) -   no 283 1st  cross
                          Hennur cross
                          Bangalore - 560084
                           The principal
(name of school) Delhi public school
(address)             brigade road 
                            Bangalore  560087
                       I  request you to grant me two days of leave since I  am                           sick and am suffering with influenza for the past two days .
                       I promise you to complete all my notes and update me                            with all that is taught during my absence .   
                     I therefore request you to grant me two days of sick leave .
                     Thanking you 
                      ( your name and class)

NOTE - the above given address are just for example they are not the original address . they are just to make you understand .